handsout cqu


By sachin dangol(s0270103)

This hands out gives us a view on how the slides work and points out a specific area where the slide is concentration. The represented numbers on the right side is the slide number.

Things we need to know before we procced:

  1. Back ground on agile management: “agile” it implies that there are many different levels of “agility” and not just a limited number of specific ways to being “agile”. And agile management is the how we can handle the system in that method.

The following are the slides information


  1. Slide: gives understanding on agile (meaning different level of iteration that can be modified as needed)
  2. Slide: objective of the PowerPoint


  1. Slide: introduction to agile software development (giving a basic understanding of how agile project management works)
  2. Slide: manifesto of agile methodology
  3. Slide: difference in agile development method and traditional method and why we shoule care about agile software developmant
  4. Slide: all the principles involved in agile software development
  5. Slide: techniques used in agile software development like standup meeting, consensus building and timeboxing.
  6. Slide: artifact of agile model
  7. Slide: roadmap
  8. Slide: different practices in agile method
  9. Slide: famous method
  10. Slide: about scrum the most used agile method and different roles of scrum
  11. Slide: describing all the point that can fail a agile project
  12. Slide: difference between agile and traditional
  13. Slide: advantages of having agile system in your hand
  14. Slide: disadvantages of agile
  15. Slide: what we learned and concluded
  16. Slide: (asking question to audience) and answering (is agile management right for you?)
  17. Slide: references

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